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Danielle Franklin is New York based Makeup artist and Hair Stylist. She possesses extensive knowledge in beauty makeup, character design, as well as on set and salon styling.


As a child Danielle was interested in the world of fashion, but after her freshman year of high-school where she took a fashion design course, decided that being a stylist for her career was not for her. So, how could she take this love for beauty and style and turn it into a career? Danielle began to create makeup on her family and friends. During her junior and senior years in High School she attended a Cosmetology school at Boces Barry Tech, in Westbury Long island. At the age of 17 Danielle started working in a salon as an assistant, where over the course of a year, she became a makeup artist and a junior hairstylist. After her graduation from high school and cosmetology school, while still at the salon, Danielle began attending the Makeup Designory in New York City. Since, she has worked with agencies like Wilhelmina and Major Models. She has also worked with photographers like Sekou Luke, Damian Sandone, Peter Lueders, Seth Miranda, Ect. She has also worked for companies such as MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. Danielle has worked her way into becoming a full time Freelance Makeup Artist and specializes in Bridal along with working in the world of fashion and photography. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge while continuing to build her business and expand her career.  


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